Efficient and uniform grain drying

The high-tech, continuous flow, warm air dryers by Mepu dry the grain in a gentle, uniform, and energy-efficient manner. The efficiency of the dryers is on a high level.

The size, capacity, and power of the C series continuous flow dryers are flexibly adaptable. By adjusting the number of drying cells and grain bins, the drying solution can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

The galvanized material of C series dryers designed and manufactured in Finland ensures long service life. The versatile choice of dryer heating sources includes oil burners and direct gas burners.

Simple and quick upkeep and maintenance

The tight ridge structure of carefully planned drying cells ensures gentle and even drying of the grain without the risk of overdrying or underdrying. The smooth inner surfaces of the drying unit are easy to keep clean, which means that upkeep and maintenance are simple and quick.

In the smaller models, roller feed ensures accurate and even feeding under any circumstances. The larger models are equipped with tray feed providing for high feed efficiency in short time. Additionally, in larger dryers, the airflow can be turned off for the duration of the feed, which considerably reduces dust emissions.

A wide range of accessories

In all models of the C series, the number of grain cooling cells is adjustable. In case of larger models, the standard equipment includes grids at the top of the burner keeping the grain away from the burner. Optimised airflow through the air channels ensures efficient and even drying.

Additional equipment include control system tailored to the customer’s needs, dust separation system, dryer equipment heat insulation, silencers for main blowers, and maintenance platforms/ladders installed inside air channel for cleaning convenience.


  • Ability to use the cooling zone for drying, which increases the capacity of the dryer by 25%
  • The heat source as integrated part of the dryers main air channel
  • Adjustment of air feed capacity can be changed depending on the grain type
  • Equipped with device for real time control over grain moisture, throughout the entire drying and cooling processes
  • Real time outlet air temperature monitoring
  • Touch screen with PLC for full process control in local languages
  • 10-20% energy savings can be achieved by isolating the dryer hot air channel and drying cell ends
  • Fans can be quipped with dust exhaust system
  • Dryer can be equipped with service platforms
Model C3-38 C3-52 C3-71 C5-123 C8-246 C10-339
Corn 20-15% 120°C 248°F [t/h] [bu/h] 11,2 440,2 20,2 793,9 27,0 1061,1 44,9 1764,6 95,9 3768,9 134,8 5297,6
Wheat 18-13% 100°C 212°F [t/h] [bu/h] 12,3 451,4 22,2 814,7 29,6 1086,3 49,3 1809,3 105,2 3860,8 147,9 5427,9
Rapeseed 12-8% 65°C 149°F [t/h] [bu/h] 5,6 230,7 10,1 416,1 13,5 556,2 22,5 927 48 1977,6 67,5 2781
Grain volume [m3] [bu] 38 1341,8 52 1836,2 71 2507,1 123 4343,2 246 8686,4 339 11970,3
Equipment height [m] [ft] 12,5 41 16 52,5 20 65,6 18 59,1 22 72,2 24 78,7

Ambient temperature 10°C and ambient relative moisture 70%. Grain volume calculated with wheat, 18% moisture content. When drying from high moisture levels grain expands › maximum filling volume is lower. Values are theoretically calculated and may vary depending on local conditions and cereal properties.