Proven technology in northern conditions

C+ continuous flow dryer is a high-tech equipment which allows you to work in drying mode from feed to seed grain, as well as fine-grained oilseeds. C+ dryers are designed to maintain a stable, strong work throughout the drying period, even in the difficult climatic conditions of the north.

With C+ you can easily dry wheat, corn, barley (malt), canola, sorghum, legumes, sunflower, soybean, mustard, poppy and other crops. As fuel sources for dryer can be used natural gas, liquid gas or diesel fuel.

Additional options are also available, such as a system for noise reduction, GSM alarm, SMS control and much more.


  • Ability to use the cooling zone for drying, which increases the capacity of the dryer by 25%
  • The heat source as integrated part of the dryers main air channel
  • Adjustment of air feed capacity can be changed depending on the grain type
  • Equipped with device for real time control over grain moisture, throughout the entire drying and cooling processes
  • Real time outlet air temperature monitoring
  • Touch screen with PLC for full process control in local languages

ModelOptimaStandardMaxGrande 50Grande 100Grande 150
Corn 110°С 20 – 15% [t / h]1119264186122
Corn 110°С 30 – 15% [t / h] 51013204361
Wheat 100°С 19 – 14% [t / h]13243150106150
Wheat 100°С 24 – 14% [t / h]81418296287
Rapeseed 60°С 12 – 7% [t / h]5912204259
Sunflower 60°С 12 – 7% [t / h]61115245273
Grain volume [m3]385271123246339
Equipment height [m]12,615,919,9182224

Ambient temperature 10°C and ambient relative moisture 70%. Grain volume calculated with wheat, 18% moisture content. When drying from high moisture levels grain expands › maximum filling volume is lower. Values are theoretically calculated and may vary depending on local conditions and cereal properties.