Reliable and flexible control systems

Mepu control systems and flexible and safe to use. Owing to reliable systems, use of the dryer plants is easy and smooth. The dryer control systems are tailored to the customer’s needs. The various options available range from traditional drying automatics to fully automatic control systems.

Adjustable fill controlxxx
Measurement of inlet and outlet temperaturexxx
Inverter control for feederxxx
Potential free relay signals to the customer’s control system, e.g. fill and discharge conveyorxxx
Display 7”x
Hopper sensorx
Filling, drying, dischargingxxx
Preset values, e.g. drying heatxxx
Filling stops automatically when the dryer is fullxxx
The dryer automatically goes to cooling stage according to temperature, cooling stops after a set timexxx
Filling starts automatically when there is grain in the intake hopperxx
The dryer automatically goes to drying stage after fillingxx
The dryer automatically goes to discharge stage after dryingx
Possibility of programming to perform several functions in a rowx
Manual operationxxx


Remote use allows the farmer to monitor and manage the grain drying and storage process with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Only available in the Auto system.

Capacitive controls are designed to automate control of grain handling units. There’s available a special clamp that’s mounted on the silo ceiling. The height of the clamp can be adjusted.

With the help of the GSM alarm, the user can acquire information on the state of the drying plant and on possible malfunctions. The different stages of the drying plant are recorded to the control system memory and sent to the user by SMS when transferring between stages.

The fire detection system is designed to detect overheating in the dryer. It’s suitable for all control centers. When the dryer is overheated, the system emits a buzzer alarm and stops the operation of the machine. As an option, you can get an alert as a text message to your phone.

LIROS system for more accurate control of the grain moisture in batch dryers. By collating the system, you always achieve the desired and correct moisture content.

A scale package mounted under a dryer’s base makes it easy to keep stock records of grain to be dried. 4 to 10 sensors (10t or 20t) depending on the total load required.

The inverters can be used to control the rotation speed of the electric motors steplessly. General applications are different conveyors and fans.