Carcass cooling container

The Cool Bio Box has been developed for on-site store of dead poultry and swine pathological waste. Reduction in the need for dead animal transportation means significant savings and flexibility for the farms. Because of this, a Cool Bio Box of sufficient volume and cooling capacity is an economical solution.

The Cool Bio Box products are lockable storage spaces equipped with a cooling unit. The standard equipment of environment-friendly Cool Bio Box refrigeration container includes the Finnish Bio 10 Lumikko refrigeration unit with automatic electrical defrost (460W), 1kW operation unit and stainless steel evaporation cell.

The standard equipment also includes a stainless steel pull-out tray sliding on rails, tray lifting loops (allow the collecting vehicle loading), 50mm Finnfoam wall insulation sheets (with 1mm glass fibre coating on both sides) and painted steel frame. Model-specific front loader adapters and a bird hatch are available as optional equipment.

Container dimensions: 240 x 200 x 140cm
Tray dimensions: 185 x 150 x 70cm
Total weight: 830kg
The product must be placed in shade. Maximum ambient temperature: +25 degrees; max. cooling unit ∆t: -25 degrees.