Reduced dust emissions

If you’re handling grain, you know dust is always a part of the process. The new Mepu dust exhaust systems removes over 90 percent of grain dust and chaff! Dust emissions are considerably lower compared to a conventional fan without dust removal technology. Inpurities can be collected into a trailer, dust container, etc.

Our systems are cost-effective and make the dryer more fire proof. Having less dust and chaff around increases your work comfort considerably.

Taifun Dust exhaust fans

  • 22kW (30HP)
  • Horizontal or vertical model
  • Integrated centrifugal fan
  • The fan shutter makes it easy to adjust the air flow
  • Blow chamber inspection door
  • Specially designed mesh ensures optimized flow and low noise levels
  • Fully painted


Storm Dust collectors

  • Power options 7,5kW (9,4HP) / 5,5kW (6,7HP) / 2,2 kW (3HP)
  • Horizontal or vertical model
  • Attached to dryer’s axial fan
  • No additional motor power required
  • Galvanized material