The entire grain facility in one app

Grain Cloud is an app that quickly and easily gives you an overview of all processes and units in the facility. It makes the harvest season more efficient and less stressful because it keeps track of and calculates drying and conveying times, while at the same giving an alert in the event of any stoppages. With the status of the whole facility in the mobile phone, everything becomes easier and more secure.

Using the facility’s control system, Grain Cloud retrieves information about the various units. An alarm is activated immediately in the event of a stoppage. In addition, Grain Cloud calculates the remaining drying and conveying times and thereby facilitates the planning and allocation of the work.

Using Grain Cloud, inventory status is always within easy reach, regardless of time and place. The interface is modern and intuitive and the app is compatible with all mobile devices and computers. Grain Cloud even makes maintenance work easier because it stores all of the machine’s operating history and provides reminders when it’s time for service.

Grain Cloud optimises work flow, minimises downtime and saves money

  • OVERVIEW: The Overview tab shows the latest notifications and their degree of priority.
  • SETTINGS: Under Settings, the user can change facility and send feedback to the dealer.
  • INTAKE: All data about the grain batches are entered via the Loading tab.
  • STORAGE: All bins and silos are collected under Storage. The user can quickly and easily see all important data such as weight, crop, type and storage time summarised for each storage site and for each type.
  • FACILITY: All machines and their operating history are shown under Facility. Notifications are issued when it is time for service and maintenance.