Efficient heat source for large facilities

The economical and reliable Mepu Hot Box heating unit is an efficient solution designed especially for the heating of large facilities.

The container-housed, easy-to-commission heating unit produces heat quickly and the suitable working temperature is reached effortlessly. The intake air can be taken from the premises heated or from outside.

The Hot Box is particularly suitable for the heating of large renovation sites, industrial halls, greenhouses, and audience tents. It is also suitable for meeting the needs of shipbuilders, dockyards, rescue services, or machine and equipment rental companies.

Model HB310
A [cm] 380
B [cm] 220
C [cm] 229
Weight [kg] 2 350
Heating capacity [kW] 310
Air flow [m³ / h] 15 500
Fuel tank [l] 2 800
Burner [model] KP26H