Grain bins  flexible and reliable grain storage

Mepu grain bins have been designed to meet the requirements of modern grain storage down to the smallest details. You can choose a unit of the most suitable size and model, complete with all the accessories required. Modern bins are affordable and quick to install. The bins are suitable for storage of all types of grain. The steel hopper bottom bins can be used in a versatile manner – for buffer storage or as a pellet bins.

Wide range of bins for agricultural and industrial use

Bin wall and roof elements have exceptionally good corrosion resistance. The galvanic strength of the wall elements is up to 600g / m2. The roof elements are made of Magnelis®, which gives unprecedented protection to surfaces and seam points against corrosion even under harsh conditions.

Standard delivery includes surface-treated wall and roof elements, wall stiffeners, a large manhole, ladders, filling aperture and inspection hatch on the roof, bolts and nuts. Bin assembly by bolt joints is easy and quick. The standard delivery of steel hopper bottom bins also includes a 45° steel cone bottom with legs. Accessories include auger lead-through and protection pipes, sweep auger selected depending on the bin size with straight or inclined power head screw, grain level monitor, ventilated bottom and fan.

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Grain level monitor

You can get a mechanic and maintenance free grain level monitor for bin. It’s proven and cost effective method to accurately monitor the levels of material in your bin. As the material in your bin reaches the grain level monitor, it turns the color from black to green - even glowing in the dark! You can install multiple level monitor devices along the bin wall at key levels.