kuljetinISO_PJG-copy.jpgA versatile range of elevators and chain conveyors

Reliable complete solution

The versatile range of Mepu conveyors has been developed for meeting the various capacity and automation requirements of the customers. Together with other Mepu products, our high-quality elevators and chain conveyors form a functional and reliable complete solution ensuring maximum conveyance efficiency.

The Mepu range includes elevators and chain conveyors for small and medium-sized farms, as well as for large farms and industrial facilities.

All conveyor products are made of galvanized steel, which means that they are also ideally suited for outdoor use.




L series 30 - 60t

L series is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized farms where grain processing mainly takes place during the harvesting period (annual amount of grain processed under 3000t). Capacity is 30 - 60 tons per hour (dry wheat).

I series 40 - 120t

I series is intended for medium-sized and large farms, drying plants and commercial grain storage facilities where grain is handled on year-round basis (annual amount of grain processed under 30 000 - 50 000t). Capacity is 40 - 120 tons per hour (dry wheat).

H series 60 - 600t

H series is intended for large farms and industrial applications, continuous daily and year-round use (annual amount of grain processed over 30 000 - 50 000t). Capacity is 60 - 600 tons per hour (dry wheat).


Mepu elevators 60 - 90t

Elevators made of galvanized steel convey the grain fast and certainly. Motor attached to the elevator top part’s axle ensures a certain start in any circumstances..

The elevator is easy to maintain and clean. There’s a removable hatch on the top part and large cleaning hatches on the sides of the bottom part. Pre-cleaner attached to the top part keeps the square silo dust-free while moving the grain.

The wedge-shaped bottom part, even and small clearance between the cups and their trajectory where the cups are on horizontal position when they face the grain coming from the tipping hopper, provides many advantages. Cups are always subjected to a maximum fill and they don’t kick back.