Large M series mobile dryers — for reliable and high-quality grain drying

Reliability and ease of use have been emphasized in the design of the renewed, practical M series by Mepu.

M series dryers are based on the same proven technology as Mepu’s high-power continuous flow dryers. The advanced drying technology employed ensures a high-quality outcome and quick and energy-efficient drying of the grain.

Dryer, furnace and hopper can be flexibly positioned

M mobile dryer range is a versatile complete solution, the dryer, furnace, and hopper unit of which can be flexibly positioned according to the customer’s needs.



Product features

1. Bottom cones and auger conveyor

The steep and smooth-walled bottom cones ensure that the grain falls on the bottom screw in all conditions. It's easy to clean the bottom cone through the large maintenance hatches. Auger conveyor moves grain efficiently. There is a wide gap between the screw and the bottom trough, which ensures that the grain is moved gently. 


m5-02.jpg2. Feeding apparatus

Rotating feed rollers with adjustable speed ensure that the grain is circulated evenly in all conditions. The bottom hatches that can be opened ensure that the dryer can be cleaned easily and quickly. Any grain that has been blown to the air chambers will be returned from both sides, back to the feeding apparatus.


m5-03.jpg3. Air ducts

The internal surface of the air ducts is smooth, so that grain does not become stuck on the surfaces, and the maintenance need is low. Large maintenance hatches enable maintenance works to be performed without any obstructions.

4. Drying cells

The mixed-flow drying cells ensure that the air and the grain is mixed efficiently, resulting in a smooth and energy-efficient drying result. The drying cells stay clean thanks to their smooth internal surfaces.


m5-05.jpg5. Grain bin

The durable and smooth-surfaced grain bin ensures that grain flows into the drying cells even in wet conditions.

6. Elevator

The efficient and silent bucket elevator (60-100 t / h) ensures that the dryer is filled and emptied quickly. The top end of the elevator is fitted with a 3-way divider, which enables to direct the grain into the dryer or away from it.


m5-07.jpg7. Pre-cleaner with spreader

The pre-cleaner fitted with a spreader spreads the grain evenly in the grain bin, as well as cleaning the grain from any rubbish and dust.


m5-08.jpg8. Axial fans

Axial fans move air around in an energy-efficient way.


m5-09.jpg9. Frame

The drying equipment has been installed on a sturdy steel beam frame.

10. Heat source

The output of the energy efficient furnaces by Mepu have enough heat and air capacity even under challenging circumstances.


m5-11.jpg11. Control panel

Simple and logical control panel included in the standard delivery, which makes the dryer easy to use.

Control panels for extended systems available as accessories.



  • A large selection of intake hoppers
  • Direct-fire gas burners
  • Centrifugal fans
  • Channel aspirators (if overpressure furnace)
  • Dust separator packages for the elevator and the centrifugal fans
  • Control panels for extended systems
  • Grain space increase
  • Motored dividers
Model M4-35 M4-39 M4-42 M4-45 M4-52 M4-55 M4-62 M5-38 M5-51 M5-63 M5-71 M5-79
Equipment height A [m] 8,1 8,6 9,1 9,6 10,6 11,1 12,1 7,2 8,7 10,2 11,2 12,2
Equipment lenght B [m] 4,2 4,2 4,2 4,2 4,2 4,2 4,2 5,2 5,2 5,2 5,2 5,2
Equipment width C [m] * 3,1 - 4,1 3,1 - 4,1 3,1 - 4,1 3,1 - 4,1 3,1 - 4,1 3,1 - 4,1 3,1 - 4,1 4,1 4,1 4,1 4,1 4,1
Grain volume [m³] 39,9 43,8 46,9 50 57 60,2 67,2 45,8 57,5 69,1 76,9 84,7
Drying section volume [m³] 23,4 23,4 26,6 29,7 32,8 35,9 39 29,3 37,1 44,9 52,7 60,5
Buffer section volume [m³] 16,5 20,4 20,4 20,4 24,2 24,2 28,1 16,5 20,4 24,2 24,2 24,2
Elevator [t / h] 60 60 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 100 100 100
Elevator min. height [m] 12,25 13 13,5 14 15 15,5 16,5 12 13,5 15 16 17
Furnace recommendation [kW] 500 500 750 750 750 1 000 1 000 750 750 1 000 1 000 2 x 750
M4 Feed device volume 1,8m3 Lowest cell volume 2,9m3 Drying cell volume (height 0,5m) 6,8m3 Buffer section volume (height 0,5m) 3,8m3 Cover volume 1m3
M5 Feed device volume 2,3m3 Lowest cell volume 3,7m3 Drying cell volume (height 0,5m) 3,9m3 Buffer section volume (height 0,5m) 4,9m3 Cover volume 1,2m3

Grain volume calculated with wheat, 18% moisture content. When drying from high moisture levels grain expands the › maximum filling volume is lower. Values are theoretically calculated and may vary depending on local conditions and cereal properties. Indicative minimum drying batch is 40% of the grain volume.

* Equipment width is determined by power and type of the heat source.