For large cultivated areas

RCW dryers are for large cultivated areas. RCW uses the cell structure of the mobile dryers which ensures a more economical drying. The warm air blowed to the central channel enables large surface area in the drying cells.

RCW dryers are equipped with six roller feed device which feed rate is adjusted variably with a frequency inverter.

Overpressure furnace is usually used as the heat source and in addition to the exhaust air ducts channel aspirators form a slight negative pressure in the dryer. This safely provides an effective and dust-free drying. Alternatively, the dryers can be supplied instead of the traditional overpressure furnace with completely as negative pressure or suitable for burning domestic energy heat sources.


  • Service platform
  • Ladder and safety cages
  • Channel aspirators
  • Grain space increase

ModelRCW 200RCW 300RCW 365RCW 400RCW 500RCW 600
Equipment width A [m]3,073,073,073,073,073,07
Equipment length B [m] 3,763,763,763,763,763,76
Equipment height C [m] 8,39,8111213,215,4
Elevator min. height [m] 11,7513,2514,515,2516,7519
Grain volume [m3]20,929,836,642,148,861,1
Furnace recommendation [kW]310400400500310 + 310400 + 400
Heat cell couple (height 1186mm) 5,36m3223345
½ heat cell couple (height 500mm) 2,39m311
Grain space (height 500mm) 3,45m33567810

Grain volume calculated with wheat, 18% moisture content. When drying from high moisture levels grain expands › maximum filling volume is lower. Values are theoretically calculated and may vary depending on local conditions and cereal properties.