Reliable and efficient grain transfer

The durable and long-lasting augers by Wheatheart are manufactured in one of the world’s largest specialised factories in Canada. The powerful and reliable augers allows effortless and quick transfer of substantial grain volumes.

Pushing augers and U-trough augers also available!


Pulling auger (UT)

The easy-to-use pulling Wheatheart auger (UT) is an efficient grain conveyor, the reliability of which is ensured by its sturdy and simple structure. The pulling auger intended for professional use is perfectly suitable for long-term continuous use, for both silo filling and emptying purposes.

The length of Wheatheart 6″, 8” and 10” UT augers ranges between 5 and 18,5 metres at 1,5-metre step.

The standard equipment includes motorized base part of the auger, extensions required (pipe + flight), feed adjuster (closure hatch), feed end bearing set, and support band for fastening lines.

Grain transfer capacity *
6” = 43 tons / hour
8” = 81 tons / hour
10” = 114 tons / hour

Mobile auger (WHR)

Wheatheart mobile auger (WHR) is equipped with large wheels and sturdy support structure. Owing to its large capacity, it is excellently suitable for both filling and emptying of on-floor storages and silos.

The Wheatheart WHR auger is available in 8” and 10”, electric motor or tractor-driven. The outer pipe and metal A-frame are powder-coated.

Standard equipment includes wheels, tires, and suction end cage.

Grain transfer capacity*
8” = 81 tons / hour
10”= 130 tons / hour

* The physiological properties of grain always affect the capacity. The capacity specified has been tested with dry wheat (75kg / hl) at a 15° angle, with 85% feed capacity. If the angle increases to 30 degrees, the capacity drops by 20 – 25%. If the angle increases to 45 degrees, the capacity drops by 35 – 40%. Grain can be crushed when transferred by screw auger. The screw auger is intended for use at an ascending angle.

LengthA [m]B [m]C [m]D [m]E [m]F [m]G [m]H [m]I [m]
31′ / 9,4m6,64,62,44,23,72,82,53,72,4
36′ / 11m7,35,32,75,04,43,43,04,42,5
41′ / 12,5m8,76,23,05,75,03,93,55,03,1
46′ / 14m9,66,93,16,15,64,43,95,53,5
51′ / 15,5m10,77,63,47,06,24,64,35,83,7
56′ / 17,1m11,67,93,57,66,64,94,97,14,0
61′ / 18,6m12,58,73,68,47,45,85,27,44,9
71′ / 21,6m14,310,13,79,78,66,96,08,45,6