Wood chip furnaces for affordable heat

The Mepu wood chip furnaces producing heat at exceptionally low operating costs can be equipped with biofuel burner systems from different Finnish manufacturers. You can burn for example wood chips, peat, pellets and pre-cleaner waste with the wood chip furnace.

The wood chip furnace can be easily integrated into grain drying systems, since its own easy-to-use logic control will take care of the furnace’s operation and the grain dryer’s control system will take care of the dryer’s operation. The furnace fan configuration can be changed when ordering.

The 500 – 800kW wood chip furnace by Mepu can be equipped with an 11 – 18.5kW centrifugal fan, as required. Further efficiencies can be reached by using several wood chip furnaces to supply sufficient energy for larger dryers.

The environment-friendly wood chip furnaces enduring continuous use allow significant savings in energy costs. The higher is the moisture level of the grain dried, the larger are the savings. The efficiency of the Mepu wood chip furnace’s heat exchanger is excellent.

Ash container

A light, strong and compact Mepu ash container for easy ash storage is available as an accessory. Corrosion-resistant structure, easy discharging, lift brackets at the corners and forklift pockets as standard. Fill hatch on top for Ø160 piping. Container dimensions 109 x 111 x 93cm.